How can water improve your body?

Flourish Health Coaching, LLC

Dr. T.G. Day, MD


Water is a substance that is fascinating in many ways.  It can exist in three different states, solid, liquid, and gas.  It makes up 75% of the earth’s surface, and 50-75% of the human body.  With water being so key to human life, it is no wonder that it can do amazing things for the body.

As I discussed in a previous blog, water is necessary for human life, and it is required for the body to exist in a healthy state. In order to have optimal health, it is important to drink the best quality water needed daily.  But water also can be of great benefit for the body in other ways.

Water can lead to a state of relaxation, peace and tranquility.  Have you ever sat on a beach and listened to the sound of an ocean? Or sat by a brook and watched…

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